Local legends

Saying thanks

Each year, around the globe, we get together with Matthew McConaughey to say thanks to people who trusted their spirit and made a difference in their community. This year, we’re raising a glass to Local Legends who helped keep music alive in their hometowns, despite recent challenges. From musicians to venue owners, promoters to producers – join us in celebrating these inspirational people and their stories.

Know a
Local Legend?

Tell us about a Local Legend you know – someone who followed what felt right to them and helped keep music alive in their community – and we might feature their story on our social. Let’s celebrate Local Legends together.

Wild Turkey’s 101 Bold Nights are moments to celebrate trusting your spirit and the bold stories and genuine adventures that happen when you do. We’re getting Devon Gilfillian and Seratones on stage soon to help us celebrate Local Legends. A connection to self helps these two artists create their authentic soul-meets-rock sounds, but they see a connection to community as equally important. We’re proud to be partnering with these artists who give back and make music a tool for inspiration and action.