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Each year, around the globe, we get together with Matthew McConaughey to say thanks to people who trusted their spirit and made a difference in their community. This year, we’re raising a glass to Local Legends who helped keep music alive in their hometowns, despite recent challenges. From musicians to venue owners, promoters to producers – join us in celebrating these inspirational people and their stories.

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Tell us about a Local Legend you know – someone who followed what felt right to them and helped keep music alive in their community – and we might feature their story on our social. Let’s celebrate Local Legends together.

Wild Turkey’s 101 Bold Nights are moments to celebrate trusting your spirit and the bold stories and genuine adventures that happen when you do. We’re getting Devon Gilfillian and Seratones on stage soon to help us celebrate Local Legends. A connection to self helps these two artists create their authentic soul-meets-rock sounds, but they see a connection to community as equally important. Discover how they give back and make music a tool for inspiration and action.

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Devon Gilfillian

Nashville-based singer-songwriter and bandleader Devon Gilfillian was brought up on a steady diet of R&B, hip-hop, rock, and blues that laid the foundation for his connection to music that ignites the soul. Later, he recognized a similar vibe channeling from behind the exciting new sounds emerging from the hip-hop beat makers of his generation which resonated with him and ultimately shaped his unique sound that is often steeped in emotive and meaningful lyrics. “As an artist, it’s very important that you follow your spirit, that you be honest with yourself and through your art. Music is medicine. When I listen to music, I’m trying to heal my soul. When I write music, I want to heal the people around me and around the world.” 

His hit ‘The Good Life’ was written with his friends Ran Jackson and Nathan Balachandran in the summer of 2018 during unsettled times concerning xenophobia and was his way of combating the negativity with a powerful song about how beautiful the diversity is in the U.S. After the pandemic, Devon looked to create even more impact with his music and re-recorded an iconic album as a project to raise funds for low-income communities and communities of color—a testament to the determination and empathy that runs in his veins alongside his talent. “Inspiration can strike at any time of day” he has remarked, so he keeps his phone nearby, ready to record voice memos ensuring he captures the thought when it is most sincere and raw. A true artist who is always busy crafting not just the next track but the next change for good. Discover Devon’s music on the Wild Turkey Spotify playlist.



AJ Haynes is the powerhouse frontwoman of the Shreveport five-piece Seratones—a formidable force whose intention is to create and share medicine music that feels good.

Poetic-esque lyrics penned by AJ herself transport unfiltered honesty, that bounces between strength and vulnerability, hope and despair, and directly sends it into listeners’ conscience—each song nodding to a deeper message designed to inspire movement on an almost primal level. “Sometimes, when you’re in the thick of the struggle, it’s hard to see the possibility of change,” she reflects, “but you keep striving nonetheless. I’ve learned to tap more into my own stories…the more personal my writing got, the more deeply I was able to connect with people.”

The band follows one simple rule when recording—don’t mess with the groove. “The groove is integral to each of these songs. As a band we’ve learned to trust ourselves more, to be less reactionary.” For AJ, autonomy is non-negotiable. This theme runs in meaningful ways through many of their tracks as an almost rally-cry in support of everyone, everywhere facing challenges, fighting for change, or simply craving an awesome album that speaks to them. Discover Seratones’ music on the Wild Turkey Spotify playlist.